This student spotlight is all about Jamie Hedrick, a Graphic Design student at the University of Illinois. You can view some of Jamie’s work on her Boonle portfolio.

What made you want to get started in your field of study?

I had to write a paper for a business class in high school after researching potential career paths I might want to take, stumbled upon graphic design, and knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. Then I was heavily involved in the designing of our high school yearbooks and knew I wanted to take the design knack I had much further.

What project have you worked on that you enjoyed most and why?

I designed a wall installation in a building I used to work in at the Research Park at the University of Illinois. It’s so eye-catching and a great addition to the interior. It’s by far been my favorite project because of how large it is and I loved being involved in the entire process – from collecting all of the information, choosing the photos, pitching designs, picking out all of the materials and working with the budget.

What experiences have you had that you feel may benefit other students just getting started?

I’ve always been told to not take on unpaid projects.. But as a student, I want to gain as much experience as I possibly can (outside of school). If that means designing a logo for a local charity, or re-branding for smaller businesses that don’t have an established identity, DO IT! Some business owners would love to have the opportunity to work with a student at a low cost, and they’ll appreciate your work so much more.

What is your ultimate goal? What will you do if/when you get there?

I want to work for a company I truly believe in, and really get to know their ambitions, goals, etc. I really want to have the mentality of making that particular company better through design, not just finding a job that will be beneficial to me.

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