Announcing the New Boonle

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Today marks the culmination of over a year’s worth of work – all based on the generous insight from many of Boonle’s users as well as others within our community. We’re announcing our newest version of Boonle with the goal of helping businesses and nonprofits get quality design work completed by motivated students.

We believe that the future of work is changing forever and we knew that we needed to change in a way that best reflected the groups we are looking to help. Students are finding that it is becoming harder to find work and small businesses are in desperate need for quality work at a price they can afford. This major release keeps us on the path of our mission. Here’s what is changing:

Design projects only

design only projects

Since launch, the ratio of projects posted in the design category versus other project categories has been staggering (almost 9:1). Although this wasn’t the only factor that we considered when deciding to rid the other project categories, it did carry a lot of weight. We want to remain focused on our efforts in helping both sides of Boonle, and this change certainly assists us in doing so. Available categories to post projects in include:

  • banners & headers
  • business cards
  • cartoons & caricatures
  • ebook covers & packages
  • flyers & brochures
  • icon sets
  • illustration
  • landing pages
  • logo design
  • mobile app mockup
  • photography & photoshopping
  • presentation design
  • social media backgrounds
  • t-shirts
  • web design & UI


Producers = Students, Authors = Clients

find freelance design work as a student

The terms “Producer” and “Author” have provided us mixed feedback from day 1. Some got it, some didn’t. To clear things up, we’re changing what users on Boonle are called. Producers are now referred to as Students, and Authors are now referred to as Clients.

The biggest change here is not in the name, however. Freelancers on Boonle will now be restricted to students and recent graduates located in the United States with a valid .edu address. 

We’re making this change as we’re seeing a lot of students domestically struggle with finding work – either from an employer or when launching their own freelance career. We plan to help students gain the experience they need while in school to provide them the foundation they need to go in the direction of their choice.


Student portfolio

student design portfolio

We’ve implemented a section of Boonle for students to display their work – whether completed on Boonle or not. This provides a student-only portfolio platform to showcase talent and share with others.


Improved project budget suggestions

get design projects done by students

Previously, posting a project and setting the price was completely up to the client posting. We’ve heard loud and clear that it’s often that those posting, don’t know the true value of the work being requested. Our new budget suggestion not only suggests various values for the type of project being posted, but also references what a typical experienced professional would charge for the same work. We hope that this benchmark along with suggested amounts will clear the confusion regarding project valuation. Of course, the option to simply write-in any amount is still available as Boonle’s pay-what-you-want model is part of our core model.


Automatic watermarking

boonle watermark

In a previous update, we announced the ability for Boonle Producers (now called Students) to upload their own watermarked files for clients to view while work was in progress. This feature alleviated some of the risk for Producers while working on projects. We’re now pleased to announce that Boonle automatically watermarks files once uploaded to the “watermarked files” area.

One of the big goals with the new version of Boonle is to set up both students and clients for long term success. What we’re announcing today is just the beginning.

Try the new version of Boonle today: sign up as a student to work on projects | sign up as a client to post projects

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