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We continuously gather feedback from the Boonle community and take recommendations regarding what is working, what is not, and what potential additions would be beneficial. We’re happy to announce our recently released new features based on user feedback.

Request Producers

The ability to request specific Producers for a project has been consistently requested, specifically by those who have multiple projects within the same category. This feature allows Project Authors to give up to 3 Producers priority access to a project once it has been posted. Only the requested Producers can see the project for the first 48 hours. If none of the invited Producers accept the project within the 48 hour timeframe, it will become public for any Producer to work on.


Project Notifications

Currently, Producers need to remember to come back to the site each day to find new projects. Since projects are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis, a Producer could miss out if they forget to check the website often enough.

Project notifications allow Producers to subscribe to top level categories and receive account notifications when new projects are posted to the categories they are subscribed to, either as they are posted or as a daily summary.



Request Completion Date

When posting a new project, an Author can now select a date they’d like to have the project completed by. This provides upfront expectations for the Producer, allowing them to make a more informed decision prior to beginning work.



Draft Mode to Projects

Project Authors can now save a draft of their project in the event that they are not ready to post it.



My Account Restructured

The “My Account” section of your Boonle account has been restructured to organize your general settings, Producer settings, and Author settings. They have been restructured as follows:

– User Info (Name, Email, Photo, Country)
– Settings (Default Dashboard)
– Password (Password)
– PayPal (PayPal Email)
– Notifications (Email Preferences)

– Profile (Author Headline, Author Bio)
– Blocked Producers (Blocked Producers)

– Profile (Producer Headline, Producer Bio)
– Subscriptions (Subscriptions)



Have feedback for us? Let us know in the comments!

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