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It’s an unfortunate occurrence in any business, that deals or projects don’t go as originally planned. Many reasons can be attributed to failed dealings such as budget constraints, deadlines, unsatisfactory work, and more. The same applies when doing freelance work. However, it’s up to you to leave this type of situation with the next best outcome: learning. You can either choose to become frustrated or upset, or you can learn from why a project didn’t work out as you had hoped. For this reason, we launched a feedback section within your Boonle account to help you better understand projects that end up not seeing completion.



In the event that a client needs to cancel a project (or release you from a project), they will now be prompted and required to provide you feedback as to why that action was taken. Instead of being left in the dark as to why, you’ll now have firsthand feedback that you can use understand what happened.


If you’d like to provide Boonle with feedback or suggestions for improvement, please fill out this form.

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