9 Unique Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

unique business card design

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Business cards have two primary functions: communicating your contact information and leaving a first impression of your business. The first function is pretty easy to get right, but the second one can be a little more difficult. How can you stand out in a sea of many, all trying to get their businesses noticed?

When you hand potential clients your business card, you want it to be memorable. You can achieve this by making some clever design choices. Whether you’re designing your business card on your own or reaching out to a design company, use these unique ideas to help you start brainstorming!

1. Stand Our With Minimalism

Your potential client receives a large quantity of business cards, and most of them are going to look busy and even gaudy. Many people don’t understand that minimalism provides for the most pleasant viewing experience. Show that you know that less is more by only providing the information and visuals your potential client really needs. For instance, all you really need on the front of the card is your logo and name. The back is where you can print your contact info – but just the bare essentials.

Create minimalism in design by sticking to a muted, neutral color palette and a clean and non-glossy paper stock. Use a maximum of two fonts on both sides and stick to clean, thin lines in your decoration.

2. Stand Out With Colors

unique color business card

If you choose to print your business card in a color, make sure that the mood of your chosen shade matches your business. Yellow, for instance, can feel very industrial or very lively and optimistic, depending on the shade. Red tends to feel overbearing, so try to stray away from it. You may have to do a few test rounds before your chosen color matches the feel of your business exactly! 

3. Make It Interactive

People love to interact with the world. If you give out “interactive” business cards, then people will naturally want to give them another look. Maybe if they punch out a specific area of your card, they see a design they hadn’t before. This may work great for a hairdresser (people can remove strips of hair) or landscaper (they can remove pieces of bush). Maybe if they fold your card in half, it becomes a pop-up card. This could work great for film set decorators, architects, or anyone else that makes something appear from nothing.

4. Make It a Sticker

Print your business cards with sticker backs and design a really cool front image that just begs to be stuck to something! If you can create cool, hip business card stickers brimming with individuality, then your prospective clients may apply them to their laptops, suitcases, or cars. That’s a great way to communicate your contact info AND market your brand!

5. Print On Unconventional Materials

Paper business cards are conventional and can get lost easily in a pile. If the nature of your company allows for it, then try printing your cards on a non-paper material! For instance, if your line of work is outdoorsy then print your card on thin but sturdy wooden sheets. If you work in manufacturing then consider a plastic or metal material. To show that your company is environmentally conscious, print on recycled paper.

If you have the budget to choose a unique card material, then go for it! The tactile and visual difference it makes will surely impress anyone who receives your cards.

6. Allow for Options

Who said you had to have one business card design, and only one? If you have the budget and time, then consider printing a few card designs that vary slightly in the design of their faces. Allow people to choose which card they want, or choose the one you think they might like most. You and your potential client will both enjoy the added fun that having multiple options can bring. This works particularly great if you’re an artist, because you’ll get to show off more of your work.

7. Don't Print It - Stamp It!

Using a stamp in lieu of a traditional business card is an unconventional but increasingly popular choice, especially due to the rising popularity of DIY culture. It gives a personal and organic impression, making it perfect for hip, personal businesses such as record stores and bars. You could keep a stamp and a stack of blank paper at the front desk or cashier and allow customers to stamp their own business cards.

A stamped card is not only an aesthetic, but also a practical choice. As long as you have your stamp on hand, you can leave your information on any paper surface. Your business card could be a napkin, a page of an agenda, or a Hallmark greeting card. Business cards are all about conveying a minimal amount of information in a minimal amount of space, and stamps do so with ease.

8. Show Off Your Art

If you operate a painting, photography, or a similar visual arts or design business, then showcase your art on the face of your business card! That way, your work can speak for itself. As a bonus, your potential client is more likely to feel a personal connection to your work and even share it with others!

If you’re a landscape photographer, for instance, print one of your best photos on the back of the card. If you’re an illustrator, then make sure some of your drawings get featured! If you want to really go the extra mile, you could forgo the printing process and draw a unique picture on each one. Recipients will really appreciate that personal touch. Make sure your calling card shows your potential clients why you’re worth calling!

9. Show Off Your Tech

Those working in technical fields can get creative with their business cards, too. The lines between technology and art are becoming increasingly blurred, and having a unique business card will show that you are on board with this trend.

You can find ways to incorporate your field of expertise into the card. For instance, write your contact info so that it mimics lines of code. You could even mimic the color and layout of the computer software you are most expert in. Give your clients an image that they’ll be able to associate with what you do!

Create the Unique Car Your Business Deserves

A unique card not only captures the attention of your potential clients but also shows them that you’re willing to go the extra mile to promote your company. As a result, they will expect you to do the same for them when they give you their business. The next step is just to deliver on that promise!

Regardless of your business – it’s size, score and specific industry – a business card is a vital marketing tool. Whether you’re attending a conference or happen to run into a potential client when you’re out about about, you won’t want to be caught off guard with a business card. It’s a relatively small investment that has a potentially enormous ROI.

Having a unique business card is a great way to leave a great impression of yourself and your company. Create one that matches your mission and watch your client base grow!

Author Bio:

Grace Li is a freelance writer from Omaha, Nebraska who works as a graphic designer for companies like Rainbow Symphony. She’s been published across many digital platforms for her expertise in design and DIY home projects. When she isn’t working her next article, she loves to volunteer at her local pet shelter.

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