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Since Boonle’s launch back in April of this year, we have gathered a tremendous amount of feedback on what is working and what is not. We took that information and put together the next version of Boonle, with changes in what we feel will have the greatest benefit to both Boonle Authors and Producers.

Paid Projects

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The most significant change is the ability to set projects as “paid.”

The first version of Boonle had no specific project pricing. Producers completed projects not knowing if they would receive any type of compensation from the project Author. Now, any project listed as “paid” will have the exact amount the project Author is willing to pay.

Free Projects

Free project

Sticking to our principles of generosity and kindness, listing a project as paid is optional. There is still a want and need to request favors from others and we’ll continue to allow projects within this category to be posted. However, free projects will be clearly identified with a “FREE” ribbon so that Producers know going into the project that it is not a paid gig. With free projects, Authors will still have the opportunity to leave the Producer an optional monetary tip.

Watermarked Files & Final Files

file uploads

Because payment occurs after the project Author marks the project as “finished”, the Producer now has the ability to upload watermarked files while working with the Author on a project. This option still allows for collaboration between both users while protecting the Producer from theft of work. Only when the project Author agrees on the work provided by the Producer, should the “final” files be uploaded. Final files should not be watermarked and should contain final deliverables of the project. The project Author will only receive these files (through automatic download) after the project is marked finished and payment (if a paid project) is satisfied.

Note: only files uploaded using the “Upload Watermarked Files” button can be viewed by the project Author prior to finishing a project. Files uploaded using the “Final Project Files” button cannot be viewed until after the project has been marked complete.

Forgotten Tips, Reviews, & Appreciations


Did you forget to appreciate, review, or tip your Producer? You can now go back into a completed project and complete any of these actions.


Stay tuned for future updates as we have more great features on the horizon.

We truly value your input and review every feedback entry we receive. If you’d like to provide your feedback anonymously, please fill out this form.

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