Meet Will Hanson, Graphic Design Student at University of Minnesota

Will Hanson, University of Minnesota

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Will Hanson, University of Minnesota

This student spotlight is all about Will Hanson, a Graphic Design student at the University of Minnesota. You can view some of Will’s work on his Boonle portfolio.

What made you want to get started in your field of study?

I wanted to do things that I enjoy and I have always enjoyed drawing and creating. To me studying to be a graphic designer at my college encompasses all of the interests that I know I have as well as the ones that I don’t know that I might have.

What project have you worked on that you enjoyed most and why?

Recently I finished a screen printing project that was very rewarding to me. It felt good to get a project done with an outcome that I thought was visually appealing, challenged my skill set, and also allowed me to learn how to do better along the way.

What experiences have you had that you feel may benefit other students just getting started?

The main problem I encountered with my first two years of learning about Graphic Design was that I was never happy with the outcome of my work. What I have been learning this year is that even if it is an assignment that you don’t like, you need to find something about the project that will challenge you or interest you enough to keep going with it. Additionally, you’re in school to make mistakes, so don’t be afraid to try new things and to screw them up. That’s the best way to learn, and overall your grades won’t really matter in the field of design… I mean, obviously keep your grades up for scholarships…

What is your ultimate goal? What will you do if/when you get there?

I hope to be a freelance illustrator for anyone who will hire me and one day I hope to publish my own comics and graphic novels.

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